And now back to regularly scheduled programing…

Like walking into a dusty room locked away for years, so odd to be back here.  Much has changed.  Much is the same.  For a moment I thought about starting anew and leaving this left to never fade on the everlasting Internet, but instead decided it was a great name and even more fitting today.

So, welcome back…anyone there?


New blog site! I moved!

I moved from this well hosted but limited in terms of optimizations site to my own WordPress server install, I hope you will take the time to follow me that new site!    Please be patient with any technical issues as we shake out the bugs.  The name is similar, I have owned the Fernsehtek domain name for some time so I leveraged that and added some thing I thought telling to the front: cogs.  So, now you can find my posts at:  I also have the ability to add blogs for those interested, my much commenting friend Nazaretian is joining me, so look for liberal rants from him on his own site there.  Thank you for finding me here, I will be especially please if you continue to find me there!

Slowly the new WordPress Server comes to life…

Note (5/11/2009): you can find my posts at:

I am busily building a WordPress server of my own, not that their service has been anything but spot on, but I want to add plug-ins, SEO, the usual self promotion stuff.  You can watch it develop, add comments, start a blog, my site is at or the admin page at the root

The only rough part is deserting this site, and its followers, so I am also working out a strategy to cross link, etc, and will import my posts just to bring it all full circle.  If you find my various rants of any value then I ask that you check here second, but please join me as I work to migrate over.

Pardon me. But would you have any Grey Poupon? But of course!

So for my first post, I was intending to be high-brow and talk about the upcoming Supreme Court nomination storm.  But I like to listen to Hannity  and Ingraham and a few of the small-minded people that entertain for a living and pass it off as legitimate news.  The topic for May 7 on all of the shows (they’re pretty good at coordinating a message) was Obama and Biden eating out, ordering burgers, and – oh, say it ain’t so – Obama asking for a “spicy mustard”, a “Dijon or sumpin’”.  Elitist!  Out of touch with the common man!  Rolls Royce tastes!  Could you pass the Grey Poupon?

What exactly is it about a significant segment of the population that takes this stuff seriously, rather than seeing it for the farce that it is?  I work with a fairly educated group of individuals – engineers, economic development specialist, bankers.  Their response to this bread and circus is to shake their fists at the liberal elite Dijon lovers and proclaim that the world is going to Hell.  Any day now, Obama will sign a socialist Executive Order banning yellow mustard and mandating Dijon on all burgers.  And we’ll all go broke because of the “Dijon tax” that is the difference in price between the yellow mustard made by French’s Foods and the Grey Poupon – ummm, made by Kraft Foods.  Wait a minute, something’s not right there.

Unemployment is 8.9% – and the markets were thrilled with that unexpectedly “low” increase.  Afghanistan is heating back up.  Iraq is entering a new phase of violence.  Health care is increasingly a privilege afforded by a few, rather than a basic human right.  Piracy is on the rise, with Yemen looking like a new base of operations and the Straits of Malacca beginning to look attractive to pirates again as police patrols drop off due to collapsed economies.  Global climate change is expected to have a major impact on civil unrest and world peace in coming decades as poor nations are inundated by sea water, pounded by more intense storms, and driven to famine by drought.

But, we’re worried – nay outraged! – that the President is an elitist (which is apparently a bad thing now) because he likes spicy mustard.  Think I’ll get lunch at Subway on Monday.  My favorite sandwich?  Roast beef on Italian Herb and Cheese bread, cheddar jack, lots of veggies, salt, pepper – oh, yeah – and spicy mustard.  Oh, but I’m sure you already guessed that I’m an elitist.

Adding a new author to Fernsehtek, moving to battalion strength!

Note (5/11/2009): you can find my posts at:

I am calling up reinforcements!  With the challenges of the rest of my life doing their best to impede my writing this blog on a regular basis, and the fact that I am better in dialogue than a one person act, I am bringing up Nazaretian to help me.  I have high expectations, he is fairly liberal to my moderate hawk, where I am in technology he is in government and legal, he is invested in research to my high strung soap box rant, not sure if he as ADD (or ADHD for you more recently diagnosed) as badly as I do.

Not sure how this is going to work, looking for your feedback as we move forward.  I have established a secondary page for him, but also welcomed him to post on the main page, hopefully we will get into a turf war and entertain you all in the process.  Besides, Scott over at The Invisible Hand asked me to distract this verbose and opinionated comrade of ours and give him his own damn soap box!

So stay tuned while we await him to overcome some lame ass excuse involving a dead keyboard (I have like 12, don’t you?  Besides I have two laptops just in case), which I am attributing to writers block.  We’ll see…

I say no to cats with dogs, but gay marriage seems ok.

Note (5/11/2009): you can now find my posts at:

Whatever floats your boat as long as it doesn’t sink mine.  I have used this as the basis of my moral standard for most of my life.  Letting two adults commit to a life together seems like a good thing, why would this not true when they are of the same sex?  Because just that, they have sex?  Stop picturing it then.  Unless the debate is about the physical intimacy, and I don’t think it is unless neocons are that focused what two people do when the mood hits them, then this is simply a debate about commitment and responsibility, two very positive things in my view.

The argument then is about the sanctity of marriage?   After witnessing sufficient divorce (not my own personally) I am convinced marriage is primarily a business arrangement.  It certainly ends as one.  Thinking back to my own wedding, the vows and oaths part, it seemed I was agreeing to essentially throw my lot in with this other person, commit to weathering any storm.  We made this decision at the time as we seemed to be a good team together and felt like spending the rest of our lives in close proximity.  She was my friend, my confidant, my critic (she seems most confident in this capacity of course), and a variety of other things having nothing to do with intimacy and as such I suppose her gender plays little role other than being pleasant to look at all these years (almost 16).   If I break down the percentages then intimacy is a very small part of the agreement between us, the other bonds are far more regularly tested.  Is that then the basis for marriage, to forge a bond between only a man and a woman, or really between two people?  If we allow same sex marriage are we then to assume different sex couples will stop marrying?  So sanctity, not at risk I think.

Kids you say, what about the kids?  Do we marry to have kids?  If that is part of the deal then all DINKs need to report to their lawyers and religious leaders for immediate divorce to find someone they will have kids with.  Wait, it has to be a father and a mother because anything else is unacceptable?  Well, the vast majority of us are going to hell then.  I am the product of a full hat trick of divorces and other than the years of therapy turned out reasonably well in my own mind.  Clearly having a mom, a dad, two step-moms, two step-dads, has been too much of a good thing.  Maybe I needed just two moms?  No way of knowing now but I have seen enough disastrous man+woman married/divorced parents to know there is no winning argument on this subject.  Some people, some couples, make good parents, others should not have even started the process.

My thought is this, commitment, for how ever long, and reinforcing it with ceremony and vows, is better than some casual free for all where we take partners as we want them, kids run amok, and…wait, let me think about this some more.  Please hold…

Meanwhile, I should think those opposed to gay marriage, some of whom are presumably also opposed to gays in general, would at least want marriage and its accompanying bureaucracy to track, manage, and other wise allow the gathering of evidence.  I know, scary, but you want to play then you get to end up on mailing lists together.

Obama and wife on post date, walk, my God they are human!

Note (5/11/2009): you can now find my posts at:

Oh sure, I am grumpy about much of what is going on from deficit to taxes, but I refuse to WANT this administration to fail.  It flies in the face of logic to want anything but progress and action for the next four years.  One thing I do want was something to connect to with this man, our leader.  I felt a connection to him in the election, or what I thought was a connection, and in the last 100 days I have felt less connected while watching the various moves and reactions sort themselves out.  Then I saw the coverage of BHO and Michelle walking hand in hand after dinner out.

At first I thought, how human!  How simple and pleasant, and important that this is something they see important.  Then I realized I am working harder to cover taxes as a small business owner meaning I don’t get walks with my wife, this made me envious, and brought back the stress of some of his current policies.  Yet I find it deeply satisfying that our leader is taking such time and deeming it worthwhile.  This speaks volumes about his mental processes and how he prioritizes things.

Strangely maybe, but I see this as a sign of deep strength.  This is a man who sees the value of connections to his support network.  Cherishes his connection to another human being.  This also tells me he is willing to defend such things, to the end.  Was this part of his decision to shoot the pirates holding a man from his family, I hope so.  Yes, the pirates had family, and should have stayed home with them.

As the Republicans work to re-brand themselves they need to look long and hard at a man who is willing to show the world his commitment to family time and human connections.  Family values?  Clearly.  I don’t agree with much of what Obama is doing, especially his search for “fair”, something I see as inherently evil and pointless as no lose soccer for our kids.  That said, I am willing to sit back and watch him work, he isn’t jumping interns, starlets, or breaking and entering so maybe the rest will sort itself out…but then maybe I am simply awash in good vibes based on a quiet walk down the drive.